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F&B Manager • CDI

Ajouté le 15/03/2022 par Anthony HOUETTE

Votre profil

Soft skills: 1. You emphasize your clients and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction 2. You are inspired by the latest F&B trends; you are on the lookout 3. You are exemplary, your presence is an asset 4. You are in touch with your customers, anticipating their needs and you are solution-maker 5. You like to work in collaboration with other leaders, you are a source of proposals 6. You are an operational relay and deploy the validated strategy 7. You have good organisational skills; you are rigorous 8. Agility is one of your strengths, you know how to adapt to unusual situations

Hard skills: 1. You have experience in a similar catering business 2. You have culinary knowledge in the kitchen but also in the bar (mixology, barista...) 3. You have a good knowledge of the Chateauform Cuisine Manifesto 4. You have mastered the standards of hygiene and safety at work: HACCP, health standards and team organisation 5. You master leadership techniques, you train, delegate, give responsibility, listen: you will be the leader of a multi-talented team (Maîtres d'hôtel, Hôtes de Table, Head bartender, bartenders) 6. You are autonomous, you manage and are responsible for the planning of your teams Job Description F&B Manager Châteauform’ Université at Deloitte University EMEA 7. You are responsible for your operational budget and ratios 8. Communication and positioning: you will highlight the culinary preparations of the kitchen team, you will engage your team in "added warmth" in order to offer impeccable service 9. You are fluent in English People Skills: 1. You are the guarantor and the bearer of the atmosphere necessary for the well-being of your team 2. Committed Talents makes happy Clients; you pay attention to each other 3. You are available to listen to your Talents at the right time 4. You know how to say things, whether positive or negative, and give them the meaning that will make them want to do so 5. You know how to refer your questions to your leaders, whether necessary and without delay

La mission

Your duties:  Responsible for the added warmth of the F&B service in 8 different locations  Manage and organise a team of around 30 talents  Work closely with the Executive Chef  Highlight food & beverages Chateauform’ concepts  Operational responsible for events organised for the client  Bring the customer centric service culture of Chateauform’

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